I'm thrilled to introduce you to Fizz-a-Loo!

The amazing drop that makes cleaning your toilet bowl a breeze!

Do you wish there was an easier way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean?

Look no further!

Fizz-a-Loo is here to revolutionise the way you clean your toilet.

Fancy a break from scrubbing?

These tiny, but mighty, drops are specifically designed to  leave your toilet bowl sparkling clean and smelling fresh. 

Simply add Fizz-a-Loo to your toilet bowl, it will fizz like champagne…leave it alone and let it do its magic, and voila! 

Your toilet will be transformed into a sparkling clean oasis.

But that's not all - Fizz-a-Loo also contains natural fragrances that will leave your bathroom smelling like a field of eucalyptus on a sunny day.

And the best part? 

Fizz-a-Loo is easy to use, eco-friendly, and gentle on pipes. And yes! Septic safe...I know as I'm on septic!

No more harsh chemicals needed - just simple, effective cleaning. And handmade by me...Just for You!

And for less than a couple of cups of coffee!