Fizzing and fabulous! The name Eucalyptus, meaning “well-concealed” comes from the Greek words eu “well” and kaluptos “conceal” and is used for protection, purification, and health. All of which is handy, since these fabulous handmade Fizz-a-Loo’s are full of eucalyptus essential oils. These little balls of goodness clean your loo for you! It's true! The bubble, they foam and they clean...they are all natural and safe for septic systems. They work and I am addicted to them. You simply pop one or two in, let them fizz, leave them be and the bowl will be sparkly clean and your bathroom will smell lovely! These come in bags of fifteen - they need to be stored in plastic. $12 for 15

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What they say!

"I never thought I would promote toilet things but the "fizzaloo's" are brilliant... cant live without them!!" CF, NSW

"I love the Fizz-a-Loo's, I put one in the toilet before clients arrive and they make the water clean and bathroom smell so good' BY NSW

'Those Fizz-a-Loos you make are so good! I love them, my toilet bowl has never been so clean!" NC NSW

'I love my Fizz-a-Loos, they are The Bomb!' CF NSW