They are all natural and handmade by me, they are also safe for septic systems. Lemon Fizz-a-Loo’s; these are infused with lemon essential oil so that once they have finished fizzing in the toilet bowl and are cleaning away, they will also make it smell lovely and fresh (for best results keep the lid closed). Lemon is good for the home, placing one under a visitors chair will make the friendship last (even if a loo is albeit a strange chair!). Growing a lemon tree outside will protect your house. Lemon is often used for cleaning and it’s scent will help you feel peaceful and healthy as it cleans away negative vibes. In Latin America they cut a lemon into four pieces and throw them outside to remove negativity…all you need to do is pop some drops into the loo! These are made of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, white vinegar and essential oils. They need to be stored in plastic not glass. $12 for 15 drops. One drop will fizz, two or three will bubble, but don't flush them away, they will clean the bowl for you and take away any nasty scents. These are sold in biodegradable recyclable bags.

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