Soap production was once heavily policed to prevent illegal manufacture. The soap tax, introduced in 1712, was once a top earner for the Exchequer, raising around the same proportion of income as alcohol duty does today. So high were the imposed levies that the tax collector deemed it necessary to lock the lids on soap boiling pans every night in order to prevent illegal soap manufacture after hours...happily that’s no longer the case! Pink is calming ,associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Pink salt is said to bring abundance and prosperity into the home, rose water is used in much magic, including Hoodoo and has the power to heal, while Native Americans used jojoba for centuries in medicines and skin treatments, and they’d boil the leaves to brew tea. It was claimed that jojoba had magical properties: it could soothe cuts, help to heal wounds and was used to beautify and soften skin…And all those ingredients are in these handcrafted goats milk soaps, which also cleans deeply and keeps your skin healthy and moisturised. These are lightly scented by the handmade rose water.

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