I absolutely LOVE the various meanings of things, I love to know what cultures and tribes used different things for, the history behind why things are used, hung, buried… such as the different salts and their protective properties, the colours of  candles or strings, the reasons people smudge and the history behind it. I love that everything has a reason and a purpose and that’s why I create.

The folklore is also magick, there is something for everything. With my celestial shower steamers my favourite tale is about the sun and the moon… “back when the sky was completely dark, there was a chief with two sons; a younger son, One Who Walks All Over the Sky, and an older son, Walking About Early. The younger son was sad to see the sky always so dark, so he made a mask out of wood and pitch (the Sun) and lit it on fire. Each day he travels across the sky. At night he sleeps below the horizon and when he snores sparks fly from the mask and make the stars. The older brother became jealous. To impress their father he smeared fat and charcoal on his face (the Moon) and makes his own path across the sky”. I look at the stars now and think about someone snoring!

I make everything at home using all natural ingredients and recipes. I love it! I use everything I make myself and my husband, who is not known for his observation skills, is my best oblivious guinea pig.

So you too can see the meanings behind all the things on here, I have put their history in each category, that way, whether you are buying for yourself or a friend, you will know the reasons for it’s creation and how it can help in day to day life...and you can choose a gift that will have the most impact on their lives.

I am happy to work with you to create gifts that suit the person they are going to… I want to bring the magick back into peoples lives so they feel special and happy, as fundamentally isn’t that how we all want to feel?

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