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Adding some Magick...
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2024 Finalist Local Business Awards
2023 Finalist Local Business Awards
2023 Finalist Australian Small Business Champion Awards
2022 Finalist Local Business Awards

Adding some Magick...Handmade Just For You!

I create everything myself and use natural products.

When you order from me, you know it's all totally unique, original and made especially for you.


I’m Christine from Christine’s Apothecary.

I absolutely adore rainbows, glitter, shimmer, colour and fragrances - and I also love that each scent and colour have meanings - such as lemon being for friendship or rose for love. I thoroughly enjoy ‘historical facts’ or folklore too - the first lip balm was ear wax you know!

Sooo! I’ve managed to mix all of these things into my business…and because I want to share this information, so you too can see the meanings behind all the things on here, I have put their history in each category, plus, every label has the scent and what that means on it so you won’t forget!

That way, whether you are buying for yourself or a friend, you will know the reasons for it’s creation and how it can help in day to day life...and you can then choose a gift that will have the most impact on their lives. I am not a fan of chemicals and certainly not keen on animal testing, so everything is cruelty free and natural products...many are vegan and all are vegetarian. 

I live with my husband, two horses, a pet goat, our dogs, cat and chickens, I work from home and they keep me sane! I find it’s true, if you are doing something you love it really doesn’t feel like work… Although, this wasn’t a planned business. There was a sudden, unexpected change in my circumstances… I had spent over thirty years in the family business of publishing books and magazines. A family business that meant you have to do absolutely everything yourselves, In. House. If you don’t know how to do something then you learn or teach yourself... it made for me to be very versatile as the years in publishing and running fairs make it natural for me to create, produce, design and market. The whole lot here is me, myself and I!

Well, then, now, what DO I make? Well, I began extremely tiny and with just candles and whipped soap. Then I added lip balm and educated myself on formulations and now I have an a wide range of beautiful body and bath products, lotions and potions, face products and home fragrancing. I LOVE IT and it’s just incredible fun! I am extremely proud of my work, I only use high quality ingredients and enjoy finding quirky packaging as I don’t want to be like everyone else. I will not create or sell anything I don't use myself. I often leave things about for my husband to test without knowing (he's not incredibly observant all the time) and I get very honest feedback from him. I do also host parties where I bring everything to you, I decorate and show you what to do so you can create and package things for yourself too!

Mostly I want people to feel really good with my products. I want to bring the magick back into peoples lives so they feel special and happy; as I truly believe we all should have a bit of that... and some sparkle!

ps...I'm also very proud to be a finalist in the Local Business Awards for 2022, 2023 and 2024, as well as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Awards in 2023.

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  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Fizz-a-Loo!

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