Diffusers, wax melts and hand poured soy mosaic candles... all created by me to make your home smell divine! Candle mosaic holders come in Moonshine, Red Lava, Rainbow Magic, Shimmering Silver, Black Stardust, Awesome Azure. Moonshine: wisdom, intuition,regneration, mystery, feelings Red Lava: strength, courage, power, energy Rainbow Magic: peace, hope, good times Shimmering Silver: purity, clarity, vision Black Night: forgiveness, mystery, protection Awesome Azure: spiritual guidance Glittering Lakes: trust, loyalty, intelligence, peace Fairyland: delicate beauty, escaping to perfect place 36 hours burning time... simply choose your scent and I will create them for you. They can be re-filled after burning or I can make plain or scented tea lights for you to use in them too. I use soy for my candles and wax melts as soy is completely renewable and biodegradable and does not require any animal products for it to be created.