Apothecary jars date back to the 16th century and actually comes from the Latin “apotheca” or storehouse and in medieval times an apothecary could purvey any luxury item.The early apothecary jars were for storage but also for display of expensive and valuable items so were decorated to impress. Egyptians were the first people to make and use candles as far back as 4BC, then the Greeks and Romans added wicks, some of the more advanced candle makers would bleach their candles from the yellow beeswax by hanging them outside for as long as eight days. In Sicily fishers burn ornate candles for their patron saint to obtain blessings, while westerners light green candle on the new moon for prosperity, a candle which refusesto light portends a storm on the horizon while a candle which goes out on it’s own indicates a restless goat. Lighting a candle with your right hand brings luck and letting a candle burn out naturally, especially on special occasions brings good fortune. Scent has the ability to spark cherished memories and a wealth of emotions that can lift spirits, enrich romance, improve one’s mood, and lead to an overall feeling of happiness. All my candles are made with soy which is clean burning and vegan.

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