Candles date back to 500BC when the Romans were making dipped tallow candles. At that time candles were considered a luxury item, as olive oil was used for the lanterns. The Chinese were making candles in 221BC which contained whale fat and would also use beeswax. The Indians made candles from boiled cinnamon and yak butter (which smelt nice and are still created today in temples). Meanwhile, in Alaska and Canada they were making them out of eulachon which are small fish. They would dry them and then pop them on a stick before lighting them (they don't smell as nice as the temple candles!). After the fall of the Roman Empire, olive oil was hard to find so there was a demand for candles, the tallow was replaced by beeswax but the beeswax was expensive so it was the wealthy families who got to use those, they put out a brighter light than the tallow which was more yellow. This is the time the candlemakers came to their own and would travel and sell their wares. Candles remained popular until the invention of the kerosene lamps and the light bulbs where they became more of a luxury than necessity, but their atmosphere and, now, scents are still very popular worldwide and used for many aspects of magik. Their wax colours all have different meanings and they are used for most spell castings, as well as making wishes for such things as your birthday's! I have a selection of scents available (please see on website, but am happy to order in any that you particularly like... I'm a bit fragrance addicted! Fragrances are powerful, they can enhance moods and change behaviour. The reason why fragrance can alter mood is that it encourages the release of endorphins which make us feel good - fragrances are good for everyone's mental health. Each candle is hand poured, all natural, cruelty free and lasts 35 hours.

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'Your candles smell lovely, even before I have lit them!" EA NSW

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