The Rainbow Serpent is an immortal being and creating God in Aboriginal Mythology. It is a popular image in the art of Aboriginal Australia. It is the shape of a rainbow and a snake. The connection between snake and rainbow suggests the cycle of the seasons and the significance of them and water in human life. When a rainbow is seen in the sky, it is supposed to be the Rainbow Serpent traveling from one waterhole to another. While in Hindu mythologyThe rainbow is depicted as an archer's bow . Indra, the god of thunder and war, uses the rainbow to shoot arrows of lightning. Rainbows represent hope, optimism and the promise of good things to come as well as celebration. They also symbolise positive outcomes and good fortune coming your way. Which are all the fabulous things my Freedom Range will help bring to you…each candle is packed full of wonderful fragrance and good intentions ready to brighten up your day and leave you feeling good… Choose your favourite scent! These are refillable and last bout 35 hours. I use soy wax which is clean burning and vegan friendly.

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