Witch... A woman thought to have magic powers...also, a woman in total control of herself. Early witches were people who practiced witchcraft, using magic spells and calling upon spirits for help or to bring about change. Most witches were thought to be pagans doing the Devil’s work. Many, however, were simply natural healers or so-called “wise women” whose choice of profession was misunderstood. Witchy Wonder is hand poured, all natural, cruelty free with a burn of over 35hrs. It's a beautiful dark shimmering purple, purple is a colour related to spirit and magick, mysticism, psychic abilities and power. It is also helpful during meditation and divination. Purple can be used in magic spells relating to attaining wisdom, knowledge, power or authority. It is also useful in spells aimed at breaking streaks of bad luck or to influence people in positions of power or leadership. Fragrances are powerful, they can enhance moods and change behaviour. The reason why fragrance can alter mood is that it encourages the release of endorphins which make us feel good - fragrances are good for everyone's mental health. My candles are also refillable and available in any scent you like, I have all my scents listed so just let me know your choice, or I can decide for you!

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I use soy wax as they tend to burn longer, they also release the fragrances well and are 100% biodegradable and made from natural vegetables...