Protection spell jars date back to before the 1600s, they were commonly used to ward off evil spirits and to protect the home. Often buried outside the doors they are also used on windowsills, above door frames and outside the home. They contain home made black salt along with home grown herbs and real crystals especially gathered for protection. They are all sealed in the bottle with wax from my home made candles to keep the spell active. These are made to order with intent for you, they are just over 3cm high and perfect for your bag, drawer, beside the bed, over the door or on a window sill...

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Each jar is made especially for you. They are all made with intent and contain all the crystals, herbs, or flowers that will work best for your spell. They are sealed with hand poured scented candles made by me for that little bit of extra 'bang'. 

Spell bottles are very small so that you can keep them above a window, beside the bed, in a drawer, your car or bag.