Gift giving is a way to celebrate life, love and friendship. Even in primitive cavemen culture, the giving of gifts was fairly common as it was used to show love and affection towards one another. The bestowing of gifts was also inferred as a status symbol when leaders of tribes or clans would show their appreciation for the contributions of those who were part of an important achievement. The giving of gifts can make a person feel happier about themselves as well as to the person that has received their gift. In studies were people were asked to give gifts as a part of an experiment, the result was that people actually felt better and happier about their own lives. If you can't decide what you'd like to send to someone, then I have the solution! Easy! A gift card solves all that...and even better, all gift cards over $50 means the thoughtful giver also gets a gift from me of a goats milk soap! What's not to like about that? Win win all round! These card's can either be posted or supplied in digital format are are personalised from you to them.