Back when the sky was completely dark, there was a chief with two sons; a younger son, One Who Walks All Over the Sky, and an older son, Walking About Early. The younger son was sad to see the sky always so dark, so he made a mask out of wood and pitch (the Sun) and lit it on fire. Each day he travels across the sky. At night he sleeps below the horizon and when he snores sparks fly from the mask and make the stars. The older brother became jealous. To impress their father he smeared fat and charcoal on his face (the Moon) and makes his own path across the sky. The sun and moon are polar opposites from each other, the sun represents the day and the moon the night, our right side is male (the sun) while our left is feminine (the moon)... To have both the sun and the moon show that you are in tune with both the opposing parts within you...therefore you are balanced. These steamers are infused with essential oils for an aromatherapy experience in the shower, they are all natural and all handmade to order. You are welcome to email me with your choice of scents and colours.

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'How aromatic my showers are! Shower steamers are so good' SC NSW

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