The first modern reed diffusers were created by French company Rougier Frères in 1918 and used lavender oil as their fragrance... Happily these days we have much more choice of scents! The brain regions that juggle smells, memories and emotions are very much intertwined, scents are special because they can bring back memories that might otherwise never be recalled, typically, when a person smells something that's connected to a meaningful event in their past, they will first have an emotional response to the sensation and then a memory might follow. My diffusers are very simple to use; reeds are inserted into the glass bottle of scented diffuser oil, the reeds soak up the scent and emit a pleasant aroma around your home. Turn the reeds every few months for best fragrance, if you turn too often then the scent can't travel up the reeds in time. These bottles are 160ml. These diffusers come in the scent of your choice and are refillable.

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