These are single shower steamers, they are infused with essential lavender oil. Lavender provides Serenity, Calmness, Love, Devotion, Purity and Grace. Lavender has a very long history - Tutankhamun’s tomb had traces in there and rumour has it that Cleopatra used it to seduce Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. It has also long been used to hang over doors to protect from evil sprits and in the seventh century thieves believed if they washed in it after robbing graves they wouldn't get the plague. While Queen Victoria loved the scent of lavender and had it scattered throughout the castle so every room smelt lovely when you entered it. And the gypsies would sell lavender posies for good luck... You pop the steamer on the ledge or the floor (but not under you) so that they start to fizz and then the scent flows up. These are handmade and all natural. They come in packs of three as they are mini steamers

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'So handy for visitors using the mini ones' SP Qld

'I love lavender, it always makes me feel so good 'AO Qld

'I am addicted to lavender, these are so good' AM NSW