In the 4th century BC a Greek physican returning from Persia told tales of a fast creature with a long multicoloured horn, the Romans also talked about them; but by the 1200s the unicorn became the national animal of Scotland and were put on the royal coat of arms in 1488. The Victorians romanticised the unicorns with rainbows and magic… and who are we to dispute such a thing? These cute little numbers will clean your toilet bowl for you, they are all natural (septic safe) and handmade by me. You put one or two in the bowl, they will then fizz away, but don’t flush! As then they clean for you. They are full of eucalyptus essential oils, ‘Eucalyptus’, meaning “well-concealed” comes from the Greek words eu “well” and kaluptos “conceal” and is used for protection, purification, and health. They smell better if you keep the lid down too... The come in a bag of 10 as they can't be stored in plastic.

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