The word Voodoo itself means spirits and Voodoo is a religious or magico-religious practice which aims at connecting spirits and mortals. This is only possible through a magical process using a gris-gris. A gris-gris' definition is nuanced-- it can either be the magical act or the object used for magic, or even both... Voodoo can be used to help you focus on desires you'd like to bring... love, luck, money etc. Of course, you can also err on the other side too! However, concentrating on the good (as a white witch does) these are the things the different colours can help you with. Yellow - success Green - money White - healing Red - power Purple - spirituality Blue - love Black - protection against negativity. This voodoo soap comes with pins so you can use them to help with your wishes, they are also made with activated charcoal which is excellent for cleansing your skin and, unless otherwise requested, scented with dragons blood which is used to increase the potency of spells for protection, love and banishing. They also have some glitter... Gold brings abundance, mental balance, vitality, and wealth. It helps learning and with the realization of self-potential. It will bring success, happiness, enthusiasm, and power. It will fill your life with comfort, kindness, and magic. While silver covers emotions of the psychic mind, and is loving as well as healing. It is used to bring patience and perseverance. These are made to order and filled with intent.

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