Aries candle with the constellation, symbol, star sign and information about Aries. These candles are pearlescent and the scent of your choice, they are hand. poured soy with approximately 35 hours burn time. Dates:March 21 - April 19 Aries, (Latin: “Ram”) is the 1st sign of the zodiac and represented by Its representation as a ram is identified with the Egyptian god Amon and, in Greek mythology, with the ram with the golden fleece, on the back of which Phrixus, the son of King Athamas, safely fled Thessaly to Colchis, where he sacrificed the ram to Zeus, who placed it in the heavens as the constellation. The ram’s golden fleece was recovered by Jason, leader of the Argonauts. Babylonians identified Aries as the agrarian worker, the last stop on the ecliptic. The name of the constellation later changed to Ram, but why Babylonians changed it is uncertain. Aries is a relatively dim constellation, possessing only four bright stars Element: Fire - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are bold, brash, creative, and daring; they can burn too brightly, though, and their tempers run hot. Colour: Red passion, energy, and action) Crystal: Citrine - healing and positive energy, citrine helps to strengthen one’s intellect and grants Aries the creative energy necessary to thrive. Cardinal Signs: Cardinal signs are movers and shakers. Aries, (Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), first and foremost, Aries are a born leader. Day: Tuesday Ruler: Mars symbolises desire, drive, energy, and sexuality. This planet shares its name with the Roman god of war, so it’s all about aggression, survival, and animal instinct. Mars is what propels Aries to be the leaders of the pack. As a planet of sex, drive, determination and energy, this gives Aries the courage to be a warrior in life. Greatest compatibility: Libra, Leo, Sagittarius Yang: Yang zodiac sign natives love to travel, to explore new ideas and to talk with people. Lucky numbers: 1, 8 and 17 Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Uncomplicated and direct in their approach, they often get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances. Their optimistic demeanor helps them attain popularity and fame, which is especially helpful because they prefer to win at all they do. Strengths: Determination and ambition. They're strong-willed and are born leaders. Not to mention, their confidence comes from within and no one can put them down Weaknesses: On the downside, Aries can be quite impulsive and may take decisions that they may themselves regret. They can be competitive, impulsive and impatient as well as very blunt Likes: Aries love new experiences and competition, comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports Dislike: being bossed around, distractions and criticism, inactivity, delays, work that does not use one’s talents Aries rules the head and often leads with it, literally walking head-first and leaning forward for speed and focus. They are naturally brave, rarely afraid of trial and risk, and possess youthful strength and energy, regardless of their age, allowing them to quickly perform any given task.

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