You might not have needed science to tell you this one, but beer can actually make you happier. Research supports this — according to one recent study, a chemical in beer works to release happy hormones in your brain. Always nice to read reasons why we can indulge in a bevy or two! And my cleaning kit will give you plenty of time for that! All you need to do is pop the Fizz-a-Loo's in the toilet bowl and that keeps the loo clean. You use the Magickal Cleaning Paste which requires zero elbow grease and cleans almost anything, and the diffuser makes the house (or bathroom) smell lovely. Giving you relaxing time to pop your feet up and enjoy the long neck of beer! Everything is handmade by me and natural (and yes, septic safe). Except the wine... I didn't make that! Standard scent is eucalyptus, however, you can choose from my collection, just let me know!

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