This indulgent, super relaxing and healthy triple set of bath salts contains traditional bath salts, pink Himalayan fizzing bath salts and baked pink Himalayan bath salts. The use of bath salts dates back to 2700BC in China, Hippocrates discovered how salt water baths would heal ailments, the Greeks adapted this and in 1753 ‘The Uses of Sea Water’ was published in England by Charles Russell. In 1618 Epsom salts were discovered by Henry Wicker as he walked across Epsom Common during a drought, he saw a pool of water where the cows wouldn’t drink. He discovered it would heal wounds on animals who were in there. The Epsom salts are known for their capacity to break down into magnesium and sulphate, which in turn will relax your muscles and stiff joints when bathed in. Pink Himalayan salt contains potassium which will replenish moisture, they also sooth skin and their iron will help heal wounds, bicarbonate of soda will open your pores and absorb excess oil, it’s excellent for your skin. This set of three bath salts all contain epsom salt, sea salt and bicarbonate of soda. They come in your choice of fragrances, simply email me which you’d like: Lavender, Victorian Rose, Sensual Musk, Gardenia, Lemon Myrtle, Black Raspberry Sugar, Vanilla, Jasmine, they are 120g each, all natural and handmade by me. This set consists of Lavender, Victorian Rose and Vanilla.

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