Originally, the purpose of having foam (bubbles) on top of your bathwater was to create insulation so that the bathwater stays hot for longer. Bubbles also have the ability to help remove and prevent the nasty ring that forms around your bath-tub, leaving you, and your tub, that much cleaner! They also have air of innocence about them, transporting you back to childhood memories. But bubble baths are good for you! Being Horizontal In Water Helps Your Mood as our bodies associate horizontal conditions with relaxation and vulnerability, particularly in the bath, Bubble Baths can help relieve skin conditions ... Bath heat can help with muscle pain; hot baths before bed produces better sleep; the steam helps reduce cold symptoms. Grab your candle and indulge in my shimmering Bubble Bath Brew... perfect for adults and children! These come in 40ml test tubes which are ideal for one divine bubble bath each. They are also re-fillable. Bubbles last approximately twenty minutes

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