Wax melts were originally called tarts and created because chandlers wanted to do something to do with their left over wax after pouring candles, they used to make them in a tart shape, but now they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This style are called clamshells because their case opens like a clam! The clamshell symbolizes beauty and spiritual transition. Melts are completely wick-less scented pieces of wax that are melted in a warmer. They melt from a heat source; the ones I sell and use are tea light ones because they are so pretty when lit up. Melts are handy as you can manage the strength of your fragrance as you can add more or less depending on your scent sensitivity. Scientists believe that our sense of smell triggers memory more than other senses because those senses do not pass through certain areas of the brain but have direct connections to the amygdala and hippocampus. These are the parts of the brain that provide emotional reactions and memories. My clamshell melts come in a container of six cubes, you can choose your scent, colour and glitter (or no glitter!). These weigh 75 grams. I use four hour tea lights with my burners and I get about 70 hours from the six clamshells… they have a strong fragrance.

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'I have shopped around for melts and yours smell better than any I have bought before. They are the best! I need more' CA NSW

'I can't stop burning your melts, I am addicted to your Lemon Myrtle, now mum wants them too!" AN NSW

'I love your melts! The house smells so much!" CF QLD