Eclipse soap An eclipse occurs when one heavenly body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body. We get two a year, one a solar eclipse and one a lunar eclipse. For an eclipse to take place, the sun and moon need to sync up with the North and South Node, these are what they call the moons ecliptic plane, as the moon tilts in its travels. The South Node works with past life, spiritual baggage, and the gifts we brought into this life. The North Node, is the lessons your soul needs to learn. This reveals the passions, talents, and growth you need to understand in order to reach your full potential. And together, these two, the North and South Nodes, are linked to destiny. So, sit down and think - What do you really want, and how will you achieve this? And, just as the moon blocks the sun during a solar eclipse, you’ll get an understanding of what’s been in your way. Because eclipses are known to speed up time by creating the inevitable. So, whatever was going to happen eventually, such as breaking up, moving, starting a different job or path, will be created and sped up during an eclipse. My eclipse soaps have the sun and moon shimmer while the back is made with activated charcoal. So like an eclipse they are half light and half dark. The aurora mica is encased in soap so it will sparkle right until the end and won’t just wash off…these are also available in soap on a rope, just because I love soap on a rope and think it’s fun! I have over 100 perfume dupes so if a scent isn’t on here, just send me a message as these soaps are custom made.

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