Memories of fragrance have been shown to be longer-lasting and more detailed than memories created from other senses. Part of this is because memories evoked by scent are often happy memories we enjoy remembering, such as the smell of your father’s aftershave or of the rosemary growing in your grandmother’s garden. We are actually wired to think this way. in positive ways. fragrance is associated with nostalgia, memory, and self-image—which means the right scents can make you happy, have pleasant feelings and promote overall improvement in well-being. This little set is made in whatever your favourite fragrance is, it consists of a mosaic candle, Fancy Fragrance 10ml perfume, Enchanted Beads (for your car, clothes drawer, wardrobe etc) and hand soap. You can choose whatever colour you like: White: Peace, unity and goodwill Yellow: Creativity, imagination and wisdom Red: passion, energy, strength Pink: Happiness and love Blue: Tranquility, joy and loyalty Orange: Personal strength, joy, enthusiasm Green: Health and balance, prosperity Purple: Spiritual, wealth and protection Black: Protection

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Let me know if I don't have a scent/perfume you'd like as I have many more than listed here and am happy to order in for you!