Faerieland is the home of the faeries, ruled by Fyora, the Faerie Queen. It formerly floated in a gigantic cloud 10,000 feet above Neopia, where it was free to move around the skies. During the events of The Faeries' Ruin plot, however, it fell and a crashed east of the Haunted Woods, and is currently under repair... Some items salvaged from the fall are the wishing scroll faerie dust bottle, Tinkerbell shower steamer and faeiry fizzy bath sprinkles. Each colour of wax in the wishing bottle has a different meaning... Unless otherwise requested the shower steamer comes in lavender. However, I do have other essential oils available Wax meanings: White: peace, unity and goodwill Yellow, creativity, imagination and wisdom Red: passion, energy, strength Pink: happiness and love Blue: tranquility, joy and loyalty Orange: personal strength, joy, enthusiasm Green: health and balance, prosperity Purple: spiritual, wealth and protection Black: protection Everything is handmade by me and all natural

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