In Paris, Guerlain was one of the first perfume houses to mass-produce scents. The brand has since created over 600 perfumes including the iconic Shalimar whose bottle design won its creator, Raymond Guerlain, first prize at the Paris Decorative Arts Exhibition in 1925. Coco Chanel was also an early pioneer in the world of French perfume. Perhaps the world’s most iconic French perfume, Chanel No 5 was created in 1921 in Grasse. Its creator, the ‘nose’ Ernest Beaux, used aldehydes for the first time in scents. He offered Coco Chanel a choice of 24 fragrances and she chose the fifth. The equally iconic bottle takes the octagonal shape of the Place Vendôme as its inspiration. I am what is called a 'CognoScenti" who are people that are often avid collectors of perfumes, and 'may' have large collection of different scents. They may also be able to identify a particular scent from a single sniff. They're often passionate about art of perfumery and may be able to create their own unique blends. Because I love perfume so much I have created a line of perfume 'dupes', so you can wear your favourite scent and have a little bottle stashed in your bag or car. Since I own most of the fragrances I create as their original 'perfume' I can attest that my Fancie Fragrances smell extraordinarily like the real thing. It's fabulous! And if your favourite perfume isn't listed then let me know so I can source it, as a 'CognoScenti' that makes me happy! And yes, I have men scents also! These bottles come in your choice of colours (which also have meanings), they are 10ml spray bottles in a presentation box. They will have approximately around 143-145 sprays The colour meanings are: Yellow: Creativity, imagination and wisdom Red: passion, energy, strength Pink: Happiness and love Blue: Tranquility, joy and loyalty Orange: Personal strength, joy, enthusiasm Green: Health and balance, prosperity Purple: Spiritual, wealth and protection Red: Passion, love, power and confidence,

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