The word perfume comes from the Latin phrase, “per” meaning “thorough” and “fumus” meaning “smoke”. The French later gave the name “parfum” to the smells produced by burning incense. The first form of perfume was incense, first made by the Mesopotamians about 4000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians with the invented perfume, something they associated with wellbeing and health. They became masters of creating scents for personal use and embalming. Nefertum is their god of perfume, a youthful god associated with the lotus flower. Later on, the Greeks and Romans also used perfume, primarily to hide bad smells, both in their homes and on themselves, they also invented the first liquid perfume. But it was the development of distillation by the Arabs that made perfume manufacture viable. Perfumes are a great way of taking care of yourself, they make you smell good, uplift your mood, and boost morale. As a natural aphrodisiac, perfumes may make you appear more attractive. Perfumes have mood-enhancing effects and may help combat stress and other anxiety-related problems as well as trigger memories connected with the fragrance. Colours also have properties that can help with your mood. White: Peace, unity and goodwill Yellow: Creativity, imagination and wisdom Red: passion, energy, strength Pink: Happiness and love Blue: Tranquility, joy and loyalty Orange: Personal strength, joy, enthusiasm Green: Health and balance, prosperity Purple: Spiritual, wealth and protection I am what is called a 'CognoScenti" who are people that are often avid collectors of perfumes, and 'may' have large collection of different scents. They may also be able to identify a particular scent from a single sniff. They're often passionate about art of perfumery and may be able to create their own unique blends. Because I love perfume so much I have created a line of perfume 'dupes', so you can wear your favourite scent and have a little bottle stashed in your bag or car. Since I own most of the fragrances I create as their original 'perfume' I can attest that my Fancie Fragrances smell extraordinarily like the real thing. It's fabulous! And if your favourite perfume isn't listed then let me know so I can source it, as a 'CognoScenti' that makes me happy! These come in 10ml roll on bottles which are ideal for your car or bag - these are also refillable. If you use them every day they will last up to three months. A little goes a long way. and yes, I have aftershave scents also!

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