The fame of the French perfume is thanks to Louis XIV. Very fond of fragrances, animal scents as well as flowery notes, he perfumed the whole court, from the feet to the wig! Perfume then became a French emblem of refinement and wealth, in the eyes of the whole world. To meet this new and growing demand, master perfumers set up their stores all over Paris. The first perfume atomiser was invented by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss, who produced the first atomiser in 1887. He utilised the device to spray medicine onto his patient’s throats. This was later adapted to atomise perfume by his son Thomas DeVilbiss. Once the bulb atomizers were placed on the market they took quite a hold on the public, and practically became a staple article for the trade. An atomizer, or 'vaporizateur' is attached directly to the bottle, this prevents spoilage and evaporation of expensive perfumes. they stream the liquid fragrance through a nozzle to create a fine mist when you press the pump. I am what is called a 'CognoScenti" who are people that are often avid collectors of perfumes, and 'may' have large collection of different scents. They may also be able to identify a particular scent from a single sniff. They're often passionate about art of perfumery and may be able to create their own unique blends. Because I love perfume so much I have created a line of perfume 'dupes', so you can wear your favourite scent and have a little bottle stashed in your bag or car. Since I own most of the fragrances I create as their original 'perfume' I can attest that my Fancie Fragrances smell extraordinarily like the real thing. It's fabulous! And if your favourite perfume isn't listed then let me know so I can source it, as a 'CognoScenti' that makes me happy! These bottles hold 100ml of perfume which contains 1000-1500 sprays, this will last about two years if applied daily. These are refillable too.

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