Marian Bendeth: 'Fragrance speaks the loudest on a subliminal level. ' The oldest known perfumery was discovered on the island of Cyprus. In 2004, an Italian archaeological team unearthed an enormous perfume factory that existed 4,000 years ago. The factory was an estimated 43,000 square feet, indicating that perfume manufacturing had already reached an industrial scale. The first perfume maker of record was an Egyptian woman chemist named Tapputi. In a Mesopotamian tablet from the second millennium BC, it was written that she made perfume by distilling flowers, oils and other aromatics to create an exceptional aroma. In England perfumes were used extensively during the reigns of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. All public places were scented during Elizabeth’s rule because she could not tolerate bad smells. While Napoleon was perhaps the world’s first perfume junkie. He loved the scent of cologne so much that he placed a regular order of 50 bottles of the fragrance a month, reportedly because the notes of rosemary reminded him of his native Corsica. These little bottles are decorated both sides with silver or gold, they are made of heavy duty glass and 10ml each. These are roll on and refillable. If you used them every day the will last up to three months. A little goes a long way. They are gorgeous! I was so thrilled when they arrived! I am what is called a 'CognoScenti" who are people that are often avid collectors of perfumes, and 'may' have large collection of different scents. They may also be able to identify a particular scent from a single sniff. They're often passionate about art of perfumery and may be able to create their own unique blends. Because I love perfume so much I have created a line of perfume 'dupes', so you can wear your favourite scent and have a little bottle stashed in your bag or car. Since I own most of the fragrances I create as their original 'perfume' I can attest that my Fancie Fragrances smell extraordinarily like the real thing. It's fabulous! And if your favourite perfume isn't listed then let me know so I can source it, as a 'CognoScenti' that makes me happy! And yes, I have men scents also!

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