Baths are proven to relieve muscle tension and slow your heart rate, herbs can add extra benefits to this, so fizz your way into a relaxing bath! These drops are infused with Victorian Rose, they smell divine and have a fabulous fizz. Rose is good for love, wisdom, beauty, balance and romance. I suggest two to three drops per bath. They fizz like mad when you pop them in and then settle to an effervescence... reminds me of French champagne bubbles! They contain sodium bicarbonate which helps dissolve oils on your skin, citric acid to give you some fizz and sweet almond oil which is an excellent moisturiser for both the skin and hair, so these little drops will have you feeling fabulous! There are about 14 drops per order. Herbal baths date back to the 1500BC, the Egyptians loved them for medicinal and hygiene, Cleopatra bathed with rose petals. The herbal baths were adopted by the Greeks and then spread through Europe. Hippocrates learned about healing properties of baths from the Egyptians and went on to invent hydrotherapy. The Romans liked this theory of believing that the physical world derives from water and they invented the bathhouses, which were full of fragrances and oils, they were also used to heal genital disorders, wounds, bad moods and colds! During the Renaissance period the church nearly rendered the bathhouses extinct throughout Europe… the Fins, the Russians and the Scandinavian kept them going, although the Russians ran theirs a bit differently to the former Romans. They would vigorously thrash each other with birch brooms (literally twigs of birch trees) in the belief that it would improve circulation and help with orgasm.

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