In the 4th century BC a Greek physican returning from Persia told tales of a fast creature with a long multicoloured horn, the Romans also talked about them; but by the 1200s the unicorn became the national animal of Scotland and were put on the royal coat of arms in 1488. The Victorians romanticised the unicorns with rainbows and magic… and who are we to dispute such a thing? Here are my rainbow unicorn fizzing bath drops, they are mixed with almond oil which is moisturising and gentle on all skin, it has been used for centuries to treat dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, these are also infused with Lemon Myrtle so they are refreshing, relaxing, grounding and calming. They come in a glass jar of 15... you only need one or two per bath. Safe for children.

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'Your fizzy drops are my favourite! They are better than bath bombs. I love them' SJ NSW

'I used your fizzy bath drops - they are DIVINE' LC NSW

'I need more of your fizzy unicorns, they are so good' CP QLD