NEW! Peppermint Fizz-a-Loos One of the most positive spiritual scents is mint. It symbolises joy and harmony, especially in the family. Early Greeks believed mints could clear the voice and cure hiccups. Greek and Roman housewives served mint after meals as an aid to digestion and added mint to milk to prevent it from spoiling. In Victorian times, peppermint was added to hot water for mopping floors in order to remove negativity. Peppermint's magickal properties are associated with healing, purification, psychic powers, sleep and love...and we all sleep better after a trip to the bathroom! These are made of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. They need to be stored in plastic not glass. $12 for 15 drops. One drop will fizz, two or three will bubble, but don't flush them away! They will clean the bowl for you and take away any nasty scents. These are sold in biodegradable recyclable bags.

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