This set contains three scented shower steamers, enchanted beads, aromatic orb and heart filigree soap. What are all these. items you ask! Well! Scented Shower Steamers are aromatherapy in the shower. You pop them on the floor or shelf and as the water hits them they fizz and release their scent, you then get the benefits of the fragrance and your bathroom will smell lovely too! Enchanted Beads are little scented bags to hang in your wardrobe or put in your drawers or bags, they are small but pack a punch! They last over 12 months, just give them a shake every now and then. Aromatic orbs are diffusers, they are also handy for the wardrobe or car, they are more subtle but smell so nice. Filigree heart hand soap - these are goats milk soap but can be glycerine for the vegans. All items in these gift sets can be scented in your favourite as they are custom made for you. If the scent you would like isn't listed, just email me.

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