This set is custom made for you... if I don't have the scents you would like listed then please just email me. This set contains: Scented Shower Steamer Beautiful Body Butter Enchanted Beads Filigree Heart Hand Soap Luscious Lipstick Fancie Fragrance Perfume Aromatic Orb The shower steamer will last two showers, they are aromatherapy in the shower. Just put on the floor or ledge and as the water hit it will activate and fizz, releasing the fragrances and making the bathroom smell wonderfull too! After the shower add the beautiful body butter, that will absorb fast into your skin leaving you feel nourished, smooth and hydrated, then you can add your handmade vegan lipstick and spray your fancie fragrance perfume... when you go to get your clothes to wear the drawer or wardrobe will smell lovely thanks to your enchanted beads and then, as you hop in the car to head out you'll get a waft of your aromatic orb which is you new car diffuser!

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