The ball, a symbol of the universe as a harmonious whole, is derived from the ancient Romans, who associated it with Jupiter. Jupiter’s energy is adventurous, philosophical and optimistic, Jupiter is also associated with protection…making these perfect for your car as a diffuser or to hang in your cupboards. These ones are scented with the Hilton Hotel fragrance (Top notes: Bergamot, Green incense Mid notes: Jasmine, Rose Base notes: Ambergris,Musk) I also have the Shangri La dupe Top notes: Bergamot, Vanilla, White Rosin, Mid notes: Ambergris, Violet Leaves, Cardamom, Cedar trees, Pine Tree, Base notes: Amber, Musk, Moss, Sandalwood, Patchouli Or choose your favourite fragrance or perfume, I have literally hundreds, if your favourite isn't listed then just message me, my website won't let me list them all! These diffusers last well over six months.

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