Feeling Crafty? The is the party for you! All you need to supply is a table because I bring decorations and everything else required. At this party you will create your own celestial shower steamer, sand candle (no hot wax used) and make your own sun catcher. What’s a Shower Steamer you ask? They are aromatherapy in the shower. you pop them on the floor or ledge (not directly under you) and as the water hits them they activate and fizz, the fizz releases the scent so your shower and bathroom smell lovely and you get the benefits of the fragrance. Well, what’s a sand candle? The wax is like tiny grains of sand, it burns like a normal candle but you can arrange the colours the same as a sand jar. This is child safe as there is no hot wax. These candles burn for approximately 12 hours. Sun catchers were created by the American Indians, they hung coloured pieces of glass in their teepee to have the rainbows dancing inside. I have over 30 charms for you to choose from. Everyone gets their own work station with all the ingredients, mould and candle jar, along with instructions. I will show you how to create everything and then you tap into your creative self. Once everything is made you will label and package them, leaving with a professional booty! These parties take approximately two hours, depending on numbers. Minimum number of people is four Maximum number of people is ten. "Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun".

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Whilst I am based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I am happy to travel for a nominal fee to host parties, depending on location. 

A 50% deposit is required when booking, with finalisation two weeks out.

These parties take about two hours, depending on numbers.

Minimum number 4

Maxiumum number 10

Take away:
One scented shower steamer

One small candle (burn time approx 12 hours)

One sun catcher

All labeled, packaged and bagged. 

Handmade for you... by you!