Glam It Up! The ultimate girls party! You will create two lipsticks and two perfumes for yourself...although I do have mens fragrances too! Red lipstick dates as far back as theMesopotamian era (800-2000BC) when both men and women would crush semi-precious stones to colour their lips…Cleopatra used to crush beetles and ants to get the right colour she wanted, while later, the frosted look was created by fish scales being ground up. You’ll be happy to know that my lipsticks don’t contain any of those ingredients! They are all natural and vegan friendly, they won’t dry your lips and are long lasting. Perfume is a feel-good stimulant that can relax you, improve your mood, make you feel sexy and help with confidence. Perfume is also known to evoke certain associations which is excellent for reminding you of good memories. 
 So what is a Glam It Up Party? Well! Firstly, I bring everything! All you need is a table, fridge and microwave. I will decorate the table and you will all have your own work station complete with all your tools, boxes and labels as well as two perfume bottles and two lipstick holders. You will have the choice of 12 lipstick colours, or you are welcome to blend your own. You will have the choice of over 100 scents to make your Fancie Fragrances - one is a roll on and one a spray. Each bottle contains 10ml - 10ml gives 100-150 sprays, 10 ml roll-on bottle will last at least 1-2 months. These perfumes are dupes of all your favourites and smell remarkably similar! I will show you what to do and have samples on display. Once you have made your lipsticks they will set in the fridge and we will create your Fragrances. You will then label and box everything, leaving with a professional look. These parties are for a minimum of two people and a maximum of six. Everything is vegan friendly and cruelty free. "Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun".

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Whilst I am based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I am happy to travel to host parties for a minimum travel fee, dependent on location.

All bookings require a 50% deposit with the total finalised no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Minimum booking two people

Maximum booking six people

Take away:

Two vegan lipsticks 

One roll on perfume

One spray perfume

All labelled, boxed and bagged

Handmade by you... for you! 

Sense of humour and fun required!