Magical manifestation Who doesn’t want a bit more magick in their lives? The most important ingredient in magick is intent - especially when making a Spell Jar! But, what’s a Spell Jar you ask? These date back at least until the 1600s and were used by witches to capture evil and protect the home or to get rid of someone they didn’t want around… the witches would include things like blood, urine, hair and nails. Obviously I don’t supply those items as these days we tend to use more crystals, herbs and flowers, but I do include tacks for protection spells. Protection jars are traditionally buried by the door or fireplace. It is believed that after being buried, the bottle captures evil which is impaled on the pins and needles, drowned by the wine, and sent away by rosemary… Today you can make them for anything you like, protection, love, money, good health - anything you can think of really! So, how does a Magical Manifestation Party work? Well, you will be making two Spell Jars: All you need to have is a table and I bring everything. I will decorate, supply a worksheet and ingredients and explain how to make your spell jar. I supply you a worksheet so you can choose which crystals and herbs will best suit your jars. I have a choice of twelve crystals I have a variety of ten herbs, flowers and secret ingredients. You will then build your spell jar adding the items that will enhance the job you'd like it to do. Then you'll label and seal it with melted wax in the correct colour to strengthen your spell, before adding it to a coloured star and moon with instructions on how to best place it... and watch the magick take care of itself! These jars are super cute glass jars with cork stoppers. They are 40mm high so easy to stash and hide. These parties are suitable for three to ten people. They take approximately an hour to hour and a half, depending on numbers. "Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun."

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Whilst I am based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I am happy to travel to host parties for a minimum travel fee, dependent on location.

All bookings require a 50% deposit with the total finalised no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Minimum booking three people

Maximum booking ten people

Take away:

Two spell jars

All labelled, sealed and bagged

Handmade by you... for you! 

Sense of humour and fun required!